A little bit about us...

Cute As Duck came about from necessity rather than a burning ambition to sell really cool stuff to like minded people. I was a single mum trying to work 60 hours a week and still see my family. It was exhausting and not fair on anyone concerned. Eventually the stress got too much and I walked away from my well paid retail job.

Then reality hit. Yeah my house was tidier and my kids began to recognise me again, but you can’t live on love! So I started to sell the cards that I made for friends and family. My designs seemed to be popular and people were asking if they could use them on mugs and shirts etc. That’s when I started to get serious about things and Cute As Duck was born.

Yes I want (and need) money, but the satisfaction I get from knowing I’ve made someone laugh (or cry happy tears) with one of my designs is out of this world. So I aim to grow the business. I’m about to take on some brand ambassadors to help spread the love –  people who need to fit a job around their family. BUT I want to keep things personal and keep giving the excellent service my customers enjoy now.

Basically you are the second most important thing in my life – after my family. You are my customer, and that means you will help me build the life I want. So I plan on taking good care of you.

If you want to hear more about the business, and a little bit about my life, then we’ve started a blog. Just follow the link in the menu bar.

Does anyone read this page anyway? If you did then thank you, now go reward yourself with a new mug or a cheeky card.

Nikki x